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This is number 5 of a series of you-tube videos I have made involving a banner I wanted to display during the May 2nd, 2008 Obama Presidential rally held at the Bojangles Arena in Charlotte, NC. I finally describe in brief in this particular video "description" because I think it will benefit the reader, the country to know how this law suit got its roots that ultimately forced me to file my First Amendment lawsuits against then Presidential candidate Barack Obama and the various Defendant City Officials of Charlotte, NC , better known as the Queen City or the Wall Street of the South. The State case No.11-CVS-8754 was filed in Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC and the Federal case No.3:11cv215-RJC was file in Federal Court- Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte. As racism was rearing its ugly head across the country I created the banner to address the clansmen type racism that I and the rest of the country were experiencing first hand. That the Republican Party by way of the Tea Party sponsored by the Kock brothers has basically been labeling then candidate Obama as nothing more than a "Nigger"… And of course these tea- baggers being mostly in the southern region of the country had the inherent and persistent need to be biased in the only way they could respond based on the low information news intake to this highly educated and obviously well respected person who in fact became the populous candidate to ultimately become the President of the United States. I grew up in this area and in the 60's early 70's I worked at the coliseum as an usher, a roadie and security for big names such as Bruce Springsteen. I had designed a banner buggy in Washington, DC that had been approved by the Secret Service and the Capitol police. One version can be pulled behind a bicycle. See Bannerbuggy.com. I had made a donation to the Obama campaign. The Obama campaign held a rally on May 2nd, 2008 at the Bojangles Arena in Charlotte, NC, a free event open to the public. As I got to a spot across from the coliseum beside Fox News/Charlotte I stopped to set up my banner. A police sergeant with the Charlotte Police Department came over and just saw the word Nigger at the bottom of the banner as it was rolled up, and went hysterical. He never read the whole banner which said,                                           "…Let's put a Black Man in the White House                                                                                      so we can throw THOSE NIGGERS OUT!..." Charlotte police sergeant and about 12 other officers still wouldn't let me display my banner. That upon my setting up my protest banner that is unquestionably guaranteed by the First Amendment was censored by the Charlotte Police Department, Bahakel Communications and the Charlotte City Council.  The Secret Service was called out and they informed them that they had no legal precedent under The First Amendment to stop me. I wasn't even able to park my bicycle and go inside to watch Obama speak even though I had a ticket. On July 4th, 2012 I went to Washington, DC to display the very same banner in front of the White House, all day. The Secret Service had no objections. There were huge crowds that gathered around the banner throughout the day to discuss in a civil manner the issue of racism and admired the stroke of genius and bravery for my taken on such a Hot Topic! After getting back from my DC trip I went in front of the Charlotte City Council in September, 2008 to file a complaint but it fell on deaf ears.  I eventually filed lawsuits in State Court May 2nd, 2011, case No.11-CVS-8754 and Federal Court, case No.3:11cv215-RJC. And this is what all the lawsuits are all about, not being able to express what I had to say about how racism was rearing its ugly head across the country by a hand full of southern tea-baggers who are in part and parcel financed by the Kock brothers and Kock Industries. This Video Description: Judicial Terrorism First to remember is that plaintiff, Fred Mauney has always been in communication with the Secret Service during the course of these court proceedings unknowing to the judges in either case, defendants or their attorney's. Second to remember is all these public officials including then U.S.  Senator Barack Obama have "…Sworn an Oath to the U.S. Constitution…", which just happens to include "THE FIRST AMENDMENT" Fred Mauney acting as pro se litigant filed motions for Bench Warrants to be issued for the arrest of Barack Obama, the City of Charlotte officials, et al., based on the facts that they have betrayed their oath of office in these cases and concluded that harm could come to defendants if not done so by this Federal Court Judge. The Federal Judge Robert J. Conrad Jr. issued an Order on September 28th, 2012 in the attempt to get the defendants off the hook. By issuing this misconstrued 'Order' Judge Conrad deliberately mischaracterized Fred's Motions. Within the Order on page three, paragraph three it in part states that Fred Mauney has made, "…serious statements and threats at public officials…","…namely the President of the United States, Barack Obama [sic]." This is a tactical lie made by Federal Judge Robert J. Conrad Jr. In order to counter such serious and outrageous statements from the court Fred Mauney went to see the Secret Service as he has been in contact since his first filing of the Complaint; that they were shocked to the point of being stunned that the judge hadn't notified them as well as the City of Charlotte's attorney's or any other defendant's attorney's. Fred has recently caught the eye of Professor of Law, Emeritus, William W. Van Alstyne of William and Mary School of Law, Room 254B. The Professor has deep concerns about this misconduct and anyone who wishes to contact the Professor to discuss his views in this socially and criminally disturbing case can email him, wwvana|at|wm.edu.  WEBSITE:  http://law2.wm.edu/faculty/bios/emeriti/wwvana.php Fred Mauney now goes in front of the Charlotte City Council and asks has any of them been notified of any threats on their life or the presidents life by him via their attorney's and if not why not? If Judge Conrad is lying, which is now apparent on its face, why haven't the defendant's attorneys complained to the Chief Judge of the Fourth Circuit, the U.S. Attorney or the FBI?  Much less the Secret Service!... This is the legal definition of "Judicial Misconduct" and "Fraud To and Upon The Court". It is now believed that the defendants along with Judge Robert J. Conrad Jr. have entered into a conspiracy by scheme and devise to commit fraud upon the court whereby the outcome is to character assassinate Fred Mauney in order to cover up their crimes and not have to pay restitution brought on by lawsuits that Fred Mauney filed against now President Barack Obama, public officials of the City of Charlotte and officers of its, The Queen City's Police Department, Which now includes Governor Elect Pat McCory, et al for not letting Fred display his banner… This is "Judicial Terrorism" This case as it stands now has set a precedent that everyone in this country should be worried about. That police officers can now act not only as government censors but you no longer have the right to free speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Queen City, the State or in These United States of America !! /S/  Fred W. Mauney...The Phoenix
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