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Landis Judicial Misconduct
   I filed an Amicus  Curiae Brief in the Floyd Landis Whistleblower lawsuit  which detailed  with exhibits that Ex- Postmaster General John Potter along with his upper management were in bed with Thom Weisel and Lance Armstrong in pulling off this fraud on the U S Government. And I might add there are numerous others such as David Williams, the USPS-Inspector General and selected staffers. This brief had documentation to go along with allegations of corruption, fraud and “Fraud Upon the Court”.  That definitely jumped over the bar of probable cause.  Racketeering laws were in play and the crimes were still ongoing to this day, nullifying any and all claims being made by Defendants of “Statute of Limitations”. So I was amazed to find out Judge Robert L Wilkins had dismissed the brief, but at the same time raises the suspicion that the fix is in. What Judge Wilkins had done was to violate two of the Federal Rules of Judicial Misconduct….One being a judge can’t allow even the appearance of impropriety in the court, much less be part of it. So I filed a Judicial Misconduct Complaint, No. DC 14 – 90020, with Chief Judge Merrick B. Garland of the Washington D C Federal Appeals Court on April 18th, 2014. And then a “Motion For Reconsideration” which contains a copy of the judicial complaint April 21st, 2014. It’s been over 90 days and this complaint is still sitting on the Judges desk without any action having been taken yet…                          Another sign that the fix is in. But one now has to ask WHY haven’t any of the major news outlets that have been covering this notorious corruption case such as The Guardian, The Washington Post or Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.  Done a story or even bothered to contact me for an interview. .. And then how stupid of me, the answer is right in front of our faces.                                                 The Fix Is In! It looks like a mistrial will be declared. Misconduct Complaint: Motion For Reconsideration: The Docket Sheet showing that I am listed as a Movant: Contact your  U S Congressperson  and U S Senators demanding an investigation/hearings on this subject. Need a free PDF reader? Here are a few:
Misconduct in the Lance Armstrong U S Postal Service Corruption Civil Trial
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